Construction & General Contracting in the Poconos Area

Choose Versatool Construction & General Contracting for Home Improvement

Versatool Construction & General Contracting is your top choice for home projects in the Poconos area. We offer services for siding, deck installation, plumbing, electrical, additions, remodeling, renovations, roofs, chimney repair, snow plowing and removal, and other home improvement projects. Versatool is the area’s expert in all construction and general contracting tasks. Rob Musgrove strives to exceed the expectations of homeowners with every project he completes. Rob has the certification and insurance necessary to give customers peace of mind when choosing to work with Versatool Construction & General Contracting. For high-quality service and a free estimate, contact Versatool Construction & General Contracting at (570) 872-1044.

Professional Construction and General Contracting Services Available:

Siding Installation & Repair for the Exterior of Homes

Versatool Construction & General Contracting offers professional siding services for the exterior of homes in the Poconos area. 

Services for home exteriors including siding installation, siding, repair, and siding removal provided by an experienced contractor you can trust.

Professional Deck Installation and Remodeling for Homeowners

Versatool Construction & General Contracting offers professional desk installation for homeowners who want to enjoy the outdoors a little more. For homeowners with existing decks, Rob Musgrove offers remodeling services to make them look and function better for the whole family. If your home has a pool, Rob can create customized pool decks, and other additions, such as a gazebo for the ultimate backyard getaway.

Dependable Plumbing Repair and Installation Services the Poconos Area

Versatool Construction & General Contracting provides professional and experienced plumbing services to the Poconos area. Rob Musgrove offers reliable installation and repair services for water, sewer, septic systems, and well systems. Depend on Versatool for professional plumbing services on hot water heaters, faucets, sinks, pipes, bathtub, showers, toilets and many more.

Experienced Electrical Services for All Areas of the Home

Versatool Construction & General Contracting provides professional electrical work for homes in the Poconos area. Whether you need new electrical wiring for a new or existing home, Rob Musgrove is the experienced electrical contractor you can trust. Versatool can assist you with all the electrical work required for installing a new ceiling fan and air conditioning unit.

Excellent Home Addition, Remodeling & Renovation Services

Versatool Construction & General Contracting can transform the rooms in your home with professional remodeling, renovation and addition contracting services.

With Versatool you can achieve your dream dining room, living room, office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and any other type of space you can think of for your home.

Professional Roof Installation and Repair for Safer Homes in the Area

Versatool Construction & General Contracting offers professional contracting services for roofs in the Poconos area. Rob has experience in services such as installing new roofs, tear-offs, and repairs. He understands that your roof is essential to keeping your family safe, and it protects them from the weather. If your roof just needs the shingles repaired, Versatool Construction & General Contracting can easily take care of that too.

Reliable Chimney Repair Contracting Services

Chimneys are an essential part of any home, but it is probably the last thing many homeowners in the Poconos area think about. Structural problems or issues with the bricks of your chimney can be the culprit of a leaking roof or air escaping from your home in the winter. 

Versatool Construction & General Contracting offers repair services for chimneys to correct these problems.

Snow Removal from Versatool Construction & General Contracting

Residents in the Poconos area know the region experiences very cold and snowy winters just about every year. When the winter weather arrives depend on Versatool Construction & General Contracting to remove it from your property. Versatool offers plowing for snow on driveways, roads, and anywhere else you need snow removed from your property.